Back in the saddle

Its been a little over 3 weeks since I had my operation to realign my collarbone, a new plate and seven screws are holding it all together.  I’m very pleased with my range of movement, the pain has almost subsided and the site of the surgery is all coming together well. 

It goes without saying I’ve been chomping at the bit to get going again, at the same time I’ve been a little wary and so have been holding back a touch, the last thing I need right now is having to deal with any post surgical complications by rushing back.  As it stands all is going well.

What next?

Well I’m ticking over nicely on the indoor trainer and I have quite a bit of enthusiasm for it.  Its been a couple of years since I’ve trained indoors, the last few years I’ve been a believer of training outdoors through the winter.  Yes, the rain and cold can make winter riding challenging at times.  But provided you’ve got the right clothing you can face any weather.  Its gives you a chance to sort out your layers and work out your tolerance levels.  As I’m on top of winter riding its no big deal having to suddenly adapt to riding indoors.

Now I have new Garmin Vector 2 pedals indoor training has given me time to familiarise myself with training with power, its new to me and its given me renewed impetus.  I’m building up my fitness slowly, based more on quality rather than the usual quantity, it will be interesting to see how I fare moving forward.  Early April I’m looking to capitalise on this by undertaking a proper fitness test which will tell me exactly where I am.  Until then I’m working on getting back into shape so I can make the most of that test and a full return to cycling.


I have a final X-ray and review with the surgeon on the 3rd April.  I’m hopeful I’ll get the clearance to start riding outdoors at that point.  After that a couple a couple of physio sessions are in order just to make sure things are good…my fingers are crossed its all go at that point.

The weekend 8th/9th April I have an appointment with Lucas, my grandson down in Bournemouth, we are off to watch the Bournemouth V Chelsea match on the Saturday.  That’s a good enough reason to get the legs turning so I’ll be riding both there and back, which I’ve done many times.  Looking forward to that weekend…come on the Bournemouth!

Scotland here I come

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve set my bike up and packed it ready for the Transatlantic Way Race which starts in early June.  Its as light as I dare go.  As I’ve been going a little stir crazy cycling indoors I’ve put a bit of time into putting a route together well outside the shire so I can sort out how to run things and see what does/doesn’t work.  I’ve organised a 5 day bike packing jolly to make it worthwhile.  Although I’ll be riding light I wont be in race mode, in essence its simply about getting outdoors somewhere not to familiar, so I intend to enjoy it rather than using it as a punishment exercise.


I’ve booked the day off work on the Thursday before the Easter Bank holiday which makes up that 5 day break.  The plan is to ride into London late Wednesday evening, catch the sleeper train to Glasgow arriving early doors Thursday morning.  I’ve then plotted a route via Loch Lomond down the peninsular just so I can take in the views from the Mull of Kintyre lighthouse, after which then I’ll head back to Campbeltown where I’ve booked a bed at the local backpackers hostel.  That’s the first day, if its a good clear day the view should be stunning from the lighthouse.

Good Friday I’ll then jump an early ferry to the Isle of Arran, a quick ride around the island then hop on a second ferry back to the mainland at Ardrossen.  Its homeward bound from there clipping the Kielder Forest Park.  Once over the North Pennines I’ll then be on the look out for a dry bus shelter to bivy under.

After an early rise Saturday its a visit to the Tan House Inn…the highest pub in Britain on the fringe of the Yorkshire Dales.  The other side of the dales I’ll chug along through a portion of the Lake District before worming my way through the Forest of Bowland calling it a day at my parents house near Bury.  A well earned rest in gods country in the heart of Lancashire, its been a while.

A final stretch south and with fingers crossed I should be back home sometime Easter Monday.  That’s about a 1,000mile trip over 5 days, all a little loose at the moment but if the holiday weather is reasonable it should be fun and I should learn one or two things.

The main goals

Not taking my eyes off the years main goals the route planning for both the Transatlantic Way Race and the Transcontinental Race continues.  This weekend the family are away for Mothers Day so I’ll be having a focused route planning weekend and at the same time I’ll be knocking up the indoor training another notch.

That’s about it for now, Nothing like getting straight back into it.  I’ll tell you all about it on my return.

Until then, ride safe folks.


2 responses to “Back in the saddle

  1. That’s a hell of a trip you’ve got lined up. Nice to see you easing yourself back into it gently after the surgery 🙂

    The new set-up is looking lean and tight!


  2. Should be a good run out Darren. Ha ha no holding me back once back on the road. Yes changed my setup, I’m testing the bags for Altura. Super light and 100% waterproof so they say. First impressions really good. So I’ve changed from my regular full frame bag to accommodate. See how it all goes 🙂


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