Looking ahead to 2017

I’ve pieced together my 2017 calendar, the main goal’s being the Transatlantic Way Race in June followed by the Transcontinental Race in July.  Doing both of these so close together is a major step up.  I haven’t taken this decision lightly and there are some risks with it, but its good to get outside your comfort zone and see what’s achievable.  

Some things on the list below are still ideas but I’m hoping they will come to fruition.  There are a few gaps and some other things are under consideration, as yet early days though.  On the Audax front the intention is to ride out and back to all the Audax’s, I need to step things up.  Also some of what’s planned may well change as things move on, nothing is set in stone, it all depends on how I’m feeling at the time.  You have to listen to your body and be prepared to make adjustments.  I may also have to make some concessions for family matters, after all I have to keep them onside otherwise none of this is possible.  But this is my tentative schedule for the first 7 or 8 months…lets see how it unfolds.

Already I can see its going to be a big year, both exciting and challenging…as it should be and how I like it to be.


Willy Warmer Audax (200km)


 Sat 21st Jan 17


Lancashire training – Long weekend (TBC)

Wales training – Long weekend (TBC)


Kennet Valley Run Audax (200km)


Sat 11th March 17

24hr unsupported challenge (TBC) – Local circuit

April ( a big month)

3 Down Audax (300km)


Sat 1st April 17

Hard Boiled (300km)


Sat 8th April 17

Heart of England Audax (300km)


Sat 15th April 17

London/Wales/London Audax (400km)


Sat 29th April 17


Bryan Chapman 600kms Audax – Welsh End to End


Sat 13th May 16


Transatlantic Way Race – 2,500km Race around Ireland


Starts Thurs 8th June 17


Transcontinental Road Race


Starts Fri 28th July 17

Beyond August?

Who knows, but to keep the interest going until the end of the year I’ll also be having a go at the 2017 YCC Challenge again.  Just maybe a ton is doable this time.  Read all about it HERE.

Until next time happy and safe riding folks and see you out on the road somewhere.  Don’t forget to say hello.


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