Its good to have a little support

I am pleased to say that late last year I joined a team of brand ambassadors for ‘Spokes of Bagshot’, an award winning local bike shop based in Bagshot, Surrey.  All the ambassadors are both special and unique in what they do and what they bring.  Its clear they like to push the boundaries and in some cases set wild challenges, after all that’s what life is about.  These traits tend to inspire others to get out and achieve, a little encouragement makes the world a much better place.  I am privileged to be part of the team…I have a lot to live up to.


Spokes has established a reputation as being one of the most respected independent cycle shops in the country.  In my experience bigger brand chain stores tend to deliver a sub standard service in many areas so I’ve always looked towards the smaller shops.  Whether you want a hand getting tuned up for the season, need to pick up some new gear, or just fancy coffee and a natter with some like-minded people, there’s something for everyone at Spokes. If your ever in the area pop in and check out whats going on.  James and his team are very friendly, knowledgeable and overall a pretty cool bunch.  You’ll find lots of information on the Spokes website HERE.  Suffice to say, I think the place is the ‘bees knees’.


What I think really sets ‘Spokes’ apart from the rest is that the shop is at the heart of the local community.  Everybody likes a special event, planning initiatives like these keeps your business at the forefront of visitors and in the minds of the community as a whole.  So the shop hosts special events in-store which brings people together.  Its fun for all and promotes the shop in an authentic way.  James loves to showcase the merits of his shop and what they do.

An evening with Richard Scott and his artwork along with Lightweight @spokes.

An evening with Richard Scott and his artwork along with Lightweight @spokes.

yoga@spokes what a great initiative.

yoga@spokes…what a great initiative.


One evening in September I was asked by James to  talk about my 2016 Transcontinental journey, my two wheeled race across Europe, in front of a crowd of about 30 people I knew nothing about, which was a rather interesting prospect and experience.  Squeezing a 4,000km journey into 45mins, time flies.  A few months later I was overwhelmed to find out I’d managed to inspire at least one person that evening to enter the 2017 race.  Sadly this time his entry was declined, but still,  he was prepared to take that first step, take a risk, face the uncertainty and live in the moment.  That’s all you can ask for, so a pat on the back for me.

Getting ready and setting up.

Getting ready and setting up.


I’m very much looking forward to an evening with Sean Conway on the 24th Jan @Spokes.  He’s a super inspirational kind of guy who has done some crazy things over the years in the world of endurance adventuring.

Call in if your ever passing Bagshot…don’t forget to mention my name!

Catch up soon folks.


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