TCR16 timeline

I thought I’d outline and share as it currently stands my TCR timeline…

Wed 27 Jul 16

Windsor to Dover, hopefully as last year I’ll have a lift arranged to run me there.  B&B Dover most likely but that’s still to be confirmed.

Thurs 28 Jul 16

Ferry Dover to Dunkirk in the morning followed by a train Dunkirk to Brussels (Timings TBC).  Last year it was a 90 mile ride direct from Dunkirk to Geraardsbergen, as nice as it was I fancy saving that effort this year.  The train journey is just one switch in Lille and from Brussels a ride a little over 30 miles, much preferred.  B&B overnight.

Fri 29 Jul 16

Registration, experience the race build up and excitement, go through the ritual of overfeeding then final evening preparations.

Race start 10.00pm

Sat 30 Jul 16 – Riding

Sun 31 Jul 16 – Riding

Mon 1 Aug 16 – Riding


Puy de Dome, France

Distance:  600kms+

Parcour – Clermont Ferrand to Col de Ceyssat

Finish: TBC

Checkpoint closes Mon 1 Aug 16 (time TBC)

Tues 2 Aug 16 – Riding

Wed 3 Aug 16 – Riding

Thurs 4 Aug 16 – Riding


Furkapass, Switzerland.

Distance:  600kms+ (+ 10,000m of elevation)

Parcour – Grindelwald, via Grosse Scheidegg, Grimselpass, Furkapass

Finish: Furkapass, exact point TBC.

Checkpoint closes 4th Aug 16 00.00 (time TBC)

Fri 5th Aug 16 – Riding

Sat 6th Aug 16 – Riding


Passo di Giau, Italy.

Distance:  400kms+ (+ 10,000m of elevation)

Parcour – San Pelligrino

Finish: Passo Giau

Checkpoint closes 6th Aug 16 (time 00.00)

Sun 7th Aug 16 – Riding

Mon 8th Aug 16 – Riding

Tues 9th Aug 16 – Riding

Wed 10th Aug 16 – Riding


Durmitor, Montenegro.

Distance:  800kms +

Parcour – Zvono Pluzine to Zabljak.

Finish: Hostel Highlander, Zabljak.

Checkpoint closes 10th Aug 16 (time 17.00)

Thurs 11 Aug 16 – Riding

Fri 12 Aug 16 – Riding

Sat 13 Aug 16 – Riding

Finish Line

Canakkale, Turkey

Distance:  1,200kms +

Control: Saat Kulesi

Finish line celebrations 6.00pm to midnight and beyond!!

Sun 14 Aug 16 – Riding

Mon 15 Aug 16 – Riding

Tues 16 Aug 16 – Riding

Wed 17 Aug 16 – Riding

Finish line control closes 00.00.

There you go, you know as much as me at the moment.  No thinking yet on how to return home.

Just to give a rough idea and this really is rough, the total distance is upwards of 3,600kms.  It looks like we have a total of 365hrs to be in time for the finish line celebrations on the 13 Aug, equivalent to 14.8 days.  So that’s an average distance of around 250kms per day to make the party…with lots and lots of climbing inbetween!

Back to route planning!





4 responses to “TCR16 timeline

  1. I’ll hopefully see you at CP1 that’s where I put on for the volunteer form, going to tour belguim a bit first then drop down ready for CP1.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paul – I will check with the missus but you are more than welcome to stay with us in the 27th – if I can arrang it I will drive you done as well!

    Tim Stephen 07813906003



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