TCR 2015 – Geraardsbergen to a hospital in Bulgaria!

Well I didn’t win and I didn’t finish, but I certainly don’t regard myself as a loser, although obviously I’m somewhat disappointed. 

I rode my bike much farther than I have ever done before…it was a long, long road!










The Transcontinental Race was hard, very hard but certainly doable.  It really did test every ounce of my physical strength, resolve, sanity and my will to continue.  Unfortunately I was struck down with a gastrointestinal virus 500kms or so from the finish.  Sometimes events are just so unfair but as is usually the case you get over it eventually.

The race threw everything at us, very high temperatures, sustained headwinds over days, more than enough gravel, mountains, barren landscapes, horrendous traffic, packs of dogs and overly long periods of solitude all contributing to the emotional strain of the journey…but what an adventure!

Hopefully I can make sense of the last two weeks sometime soon and recall and share my story.

Pop back shortly.


9 responses to “TCR 2015 – Geraardsbergen to a hospital in Bulgaria!

  1. Oh mate. What a terrible shame and what hard bugger you are. Looking forward to reading all about your adventure. Well done mate.


  2. Bad luck paul. We made it to Sarajevo but gave up due to traffic issues. Made a poor decision due to heat and tiredness. Regretted it as we were sat at the airport. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to do it again in the future.


    • Sorry to hear that Pete. This race holds no prisoners! Funny you mention Sarajevo, I txt my daughter to book me a flight home there, I was at the end of my tether. She refused! I had no option but to continue. But understand, my nerves were shattered with the horrendous traffic so can understand. See you at the start.


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