New Wheels

Its probably 3 or 4 more weeks before I receive my frame-set so thought I’d better get on with ordering the wheels to go with it.  There’s a lead time of about 2 weeks for the wheels so this is a little bit about them…

I’ve opted for a Velocity Aileron 32 spoke disc wheel set which will be hand built.  For the Transcontinental I’ll need a set of strong reliable wheels with good aerodynamic shape.   There will have to be some trade off’s for sure in term of strength, weight and aerodynamics, but that’s to be expected when I’m looking for a build with a bit of versatility.

Image courtesy of The Cycle Clinic (

Rim, spokes and all the bits!

So the rims are manufactured by Velocity in the USA and only exists as a disc specific rim.  They are 25mm wide (20 internal) and 28mm tall with no brake track.  They are designed to take any tyre you can think of from 23mm onwards tubeless or tubed.  The rim is perfect for both road and CX use.  The wheels will be built up using black Sapim race spokes, 32 on each wheel for extra strength, the rear wheel built around a Novatec D772 hub.  Built into the front wheel will be an SP Dynamo PD-8 disc front hub (see the picture below, more to follow in a later post on the full dynamo and my eventual cockpit set-up).  When its connected up it’ll give me the convenience of free power for lights and charging of all my electronics.  So there’s one of those trade off’s, a dynamo hub at around 200-300 grams heavier than a non dynamo hub in return for a steady flow of on tap power.  I’m considering having the wheels held together by using blue aluminium nipples…I’ll have to think about that overnight as I’m not sure its me, so may opt for the standard black brass nipples!!

SP Dynamo PD-8 Disc Front Hub

SP Dynamo PD-8 Disc Front Hub

Braking confidence

Onto the wheels will also be fitted 160mm rotors which play an essential part in disc brake speed deceleration allowing good breaking and heat dissipation.  I’m planning to run with Tektro Hy-RD cable operated brake callipers.  This is an open hydraulic system that is fully compatible with all existing cable operated levers…so a little bit of braking quality springs to mind there!  Road.CC yet again carried out an excellent in depth review here which gives me great confidence in the performance of these brakes.

Which tyres?

I’m not sure just yet what tyres I’ll be riding, its likely I’ll be on 25mm during training and possibly bumping them up to 28mm shortly before and for the race itself.

So, check, frame-set, check wheels, check dynamo hub.  To follow, the build itself, lighting, luggage and whatever else springs to mind.  For now its back to route planning and getting out on the road training.

Stay tuned folks.


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